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Direct Jet 1024UV



UV printing doesn't have to be hard. Direct Color Systems® has mastered the art and science of UV LED ink and UV LED printing with this family of class-leading small-format UV LED inkjet printers. And with refillable UV LED ink cartridges, it's proof positive that UV LED printing need not break the bank.

The Direct Jet UV LED inkjet printers are unique offerings within the small-format UV LED flatbed market. These UV LED printers are extremely versatile, offering large table sizes and height allowances at an economical price point. They produce incredibly crisp text and vibrant, full-color images with outstanding solvent and abrasion durability on a variety of substrates, from wood and metals to ceramic tiles, plastics and glass.


Our new high-speed 1024UVHS model utilizes inline printing and produces breakthrough 3D textured prints.
- Inline printing – print any combination of two or three of RIP 9's groups of white, color and clear print head channels simultaneously, inline in a single pass
- Advanced RIP 9 software seamlessly integrates with industry-standard design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Color Byte)
- TEXTUR3D™ 3-dimensional prints for a unique look and feel, plus standard flat prints
- The 1024UVHS offers enhanced X-axis motion for up to 50% increase in throughput over the 1024UV and 1014UV*
- White UV ink creates a very opaque image, allowing you to print vibrant colors onto virtually any colored or transparent substrate
- Extremely user friendly; cartridges stationed on top of the print head remain in constant motion to correctly maintain the white ink in suspension
- UV LED inks offer outstanding solvent and abrasion durability
  Inks are very flexible and won't crack or flake off
  6-color ink set, including clear and white
  Easy access via hinged cover (1024UVHS only)
  Refillable cartridges


Made in the USA – distributed globally