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M-LINK Direct-to-Garment Digital Printer


If you're thinking about entering the world of direct-to-garment printing, there’s no better companion than M&R’s M-Link digital textile printer. It’s not just another repurposed Epson® printer but a task-specific industrial inkjet printer. M-Link offers the most value in its price range, and it’s superior to printers costing more than twice as much. Not only does it have the sophisticated feature set experienced professionals require, it’s priced within the reach of most screen printers, embroiderers, and other garment-decorating professionals. M-Link’s phenomenal image quality and ink-saver capability is made possible by M&R's exclusive Absolute Position® Technology (APT) and M-RIP Software. The combination of these and other key features make the M-Link unique. In no time at all, you'll be turning out amazingly sharp text and line art with exceptional blending and photographic transitions.