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ValueJet 2628TD


Wide Direct-to-textile

The ValueJet 2628TD printer will open up a host of new business opportunities for users requiring a versatile floor-to-ceiling production oriented printer.

With a maximum media width of 2642 mm (104.01”) and a maximum print width of 2622 mm (103.22”), the printer is fully compatible with Mutoh direct disperse inks (for direct-to-fabric printing) and Mutoh high-speed disperse dye inks (for transfer paper printing).tween ink and printheads allows long runs and repeated results over time

- Highest print quality and extremely versatile
- 104” - 2642 mm floor-to-ceiling production oriented printer
- Direct disperse ink - print directly on open or closed structure fabric
- Dye sublimation ink - print on dye sublimation paper
- Dual head design with latest drop-on-demand piezo inkjet technology
- Typical production speeds up to 24 m²/h
- Environmentally friendly printing – high level of operator safety
- Setup for direct-to-fabric printing, the ValueJet 2628TD prints on non-stretch fabrics with open or closed structure (display fabric, flags, decoration textiles, …). -Moreover, the ValueJet TD can also be used for sublimation printing onto transfer paper.

For detailed product information, please download the spec sheet attached above.