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Digistar PES UPPER


Higher colour yield

Sublimation transfer Ink designed for Sports and Soft Signage. Choose it if you want 20% higher colour yield than standard.

- High colour concentration
- Ideal for advertising and sportswear
- Compatible with DX3, DX4 and DX5 printheads
- Compatible with the above-mentioned piezo printheads
- Chromatic performance > than the standard. A remarkable increase, thanks to the higher pigment concentration in its formula 
- Upper performance > The high pigment concentration allows excellent results even at low resolutions, optimizing operating costs 
- Quick drying > Drying on the printed paper, quicker than the standard, drastically reduces the cockling effect (the "cockling“ is the tendency of the printed paper to corrugate)

For detailed product information, please download the spec sheet attached above.