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CHALLENGER III D Automatic Screen Printing Press


M&R’s revolutionary Challenger III D automatic screen printing press, with groundbreaking Dynamic PrintStroke™, brings a new dimension to automatic screen printing equipment. Dynamic PrintStroke™ provides programmable control over squeegee pressure, print/flood speed, print-stroke length, and print-carriage position and other print settings. The squeegee pressure setting can be varied between print strokes, offering unparalleled control over ink deposit. These programmable print parameters—along with Ink Dip™, Ink Dam™, flash-cure, and other print settings—can be named, saved, and stored as a unique screen printing program in M&R’s Job Recall™ storage & retrieval system. Operators can later recall that print job for subsequent print runs. For similar but not identical jobs, the operator can save a copy of the job under another name and tweak those settings rather than starting from scratch. Stored jobs can even be sent electronically to other Challenger III D machines, providing large operations and contract printers with unprecedented convenience and control over production.

For detailed product information, please download the spec sheet attached above.